And the winner is

Entry to the Competition

The contestants must have a first name that is two places higher or lower to David in the alphabet. They also must be enrolled in COM 495. Finally they will have to have a blog on because I am in fact a company man (dun nun nunh, dun nun nunh). I will be looking for readability and consulting with experts in the field of blogging to determine a winner.


I only noticed one similarity through all four blogs and that was a white/light background and black/dark text. Readability is key in getting your word out. Before this change, some blogs were hard to read. Apparently not being able to read light text on a dark background is due do to astigmatism. This was one drawback of bad eyes I have never heard of. Since all four contestants had the insight to have dark text on a light background they will move on to the second round.


Theme colors were chosen with great care in this competition. Ashley chose a blue theme. Bryan, with a y, had a grey theme. Delaney and Ivan both chose white themes but Ivan’s didn’t have a border around the blog posts. Bryan and Delaney both had a title and a subtitle as mentioned in 10 design tips to make your blog look fabulous. They will move on to the final round in the first annual Battle of the Blogs.


The winner of the competition came down to the wire wih the title being the deciding factor. Research has shown that blogs with well thought out titles get more traffic. Delaney’s subtitle was informative but Bryan’s, with a y, related to a catchphrase a certain no nonsense sports reporter uses. Bryan, with a y, wins the first annual Battle of the Blogs competition! He gets the coveted second link to his name, which will invariably double traffic to his site. Keep checking the blog for other competitions in the future like Craziest Post and They Said What.


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