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Link to the HUMV blog

It is a bittersweet moment when something is finally done. However, I will be continually updating the HUMV blog for many moons. The blog is always evolving and will grow in time just as I do. Click here to go to the HUMV blog. (Notice the guy in the Sarah Palin t-shirt)


Project nearing completion

Here is the slideshare presentation for my project.

Last Project Update

I have reached my goal of 100 hits on the HUMV blog/website and I am aiming for 150 by next week. So far there are six posts. My original goal was ten. I am going to put pictures of the group as one of the tabs and update the the weekly goings on of the group two more times before the project is due. I am still searching for a better free theme right now but at least the one I have is functional. More links will be added to the side that are military related. My main goal for the site was for people of the group to have a place to visit that they could view on their own time which would cause less emails to be sent for the listserv.

What wiki and delicious think about organizational blogs

Wikipedia is not known for any how to’s but it does give user-generated facts. It discusses the history of blogging and goes into a little depth about the uses of organizational blogging. Delicious on the other hand has many tips for setting up a successful blog. I typed in Lifehacker blogs into the search box and it returned these results. I found a few good tips scrolling through the results. If anyone is doing a blog for their project I would highly suggest using delicious.

Project update at 10:55pm

As of this very moment I have set up the HUMV blog/website. I have written three blog posts and am currently working on a fourth (my goal is at least 10). The site has 60 hits so far and my goal is 100 (I may increase this goal later on). I have links on the side to a discussion center on GoPost and the Facebook group. I just got a better picture for the banner that shows 12 members of the group instead of three. I need to continue to write posts and improve the site with little tweaks here and there. Hope the world enjoys!

Project 3.0: Outline for the future

I just started the blog for HUMV which is a student organization at UW (set up account on WordPress check). The main goal for the project is to have a website/blog that people in the group can go to for up to date information. The main reason I chose this project is to keep the literally hundreds of emails each quarter from the listserv out of my UW email account.

I plan on putting everything from the listserv on the blog and updating it at least once per week. The first entry is the minutes from the meeting last week. This helps people who are part of the group who couldn’t make it to the meeting find out the goings on of the group. I want to find a design that is customizable but I figured to just have one up so I can start putting out information.

A successful project would mean that I have done at least ten entries by the end of the quarter. I would also like the traffic to be in the triple digits. These are lofty goals but I think they can be achieved.

The tentative outline is as follows:

Set up website *done*, start blogging *1 down*, put up links on the sidebar *partially done*, get the word out to members of the group about the website, transfer all the activities from the listserv to the blog, find a better theme *hopefully free*, write down the minutes of each meeting and put upcoming events on the blog, and finally have fun with the project by putting up pictures and experimenting with new things.

I don’t have any real timeline for when things get done just what should be done. Happy Friday! If anyone who is female reads this before 7:30 pm today there is a hockey game in Kent (Seattle Thunderbirds) where after the game there is a turkey shoot for all women. If you can score a goal from 56 feet away you win a free turkey!

Blogs like me

I took a look at three blogs that were club related. In no particular order they were: an Earth club, a skating club, and a medical club. The first one I saw was the UNC-Charlotte Earth Club’s blog. The first thing that stood out to me was the lime green theme/background. It was very distracting. I don’t know any part of the Earth that naturally looks like that. I believe a less bright theme would help. Another negative was the categories that the blog posts were put in. The last four were uncategorized. Just putting them into general news would help. I liked the fact that it was started in April of last year. The first year had pretty regular posts but it has trailed off a bit. My goal is to make at least a weekly or bi-weekly post to the blog. If that keeps up for a year it shows the ability to stick with a project. The Earth club blog also had a lot of pictures which I liked. They were posted directly to the blog instead of linking elsewhere. The BlogRoll had links to sites that were related to the club which I  thought was very helpful.

The second one I looked at was The Toronto Inline Skating Club’s blog. The first thing that jumped out at me was the URL. I believe that the owners paid to get their own name. It did not have wordpress in the URL. The blog is still hosted at WordPress so this could be good for in the future of the blog I am starting. Like the Earth club blog  it has pictures and is updated very regularly. The picture in the header summarized what the blog was about. The backgound was pretty plain but I think it worked. They also categorized every entry and even put entries in multiple categories. The best part of the blog, in my opinion, was the calendar. You can click on the blue dates to see what is scheduled for that day.

The third one I viewed was Club Med’s blog. This is the kind of blog that I hope isn’t the outcome. The blog started in the beginning of August and had three entries. It hasn’t had an entry since the end of August. There are no categories for the blog posts. The second entry of the blog is too long. It fills up three screens. I think it should be broken up into different categories so it would be easier to navigate. A good thing about the blog is that it had an RSS feed that gets news from somewhere and automatically updates. Even though there hasn’t been a blog entry since August, the links on the side were from today.

I would like to take a little from each of the blogs in making my own. I like the calendar idea and hopefully there is a free way/theme that would let me do that. I like the ones that are updated regularly. I like the pictures in the post. I like the site counter (the only thing I care about Myspace is the 4833 page views). Having links that are related to the blog on the side is also important. I am optimistic about the blog experience. See you Friday for my next update!