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Battle of the Ah-lain-ah’s

Entry to the competition

For my last subject matter post I will revisit the battle royale theme that was started way back in October. This time there are only two contestants. They are Alana Garcia and Alayna Lim. When spoken they both sound like Ah-lain-ah but they are quite different. I will look at both subject matter posts and decide who is having the better December for blog dominance.


Alana Garcia blogged about Tiger Woods. The post was on a topic that didn’t really interest me because it was beaten to death over the whole week on radio, TV and in print. It was relevant to this weeks news cycle which earns one point for being current (tip #3). The writing was good but the link at the bottom was better. Having the link there was a good use of source material which gets two points (tip #10). The original reason why I was interested in reading this post was the title. Using cheatah instead of Tiger gets five points for originality and being catchy (using title effectively). Having a picture of Tiger/cheatah Woods under the title let the reader know who this post was about even if the name didn’t ring a bell. For the use of an image one extra point will be rewarded (tip #5).


Alayna Lim wrote about copyright infringement in England. It is a topic that is getting more interest among people who make laws (apparently more so in the U.K.). The use of a skull-and-crossbones symbol at the bottom of the post was a great use of imagery and gets one point (tip #5). Underneath the image was a credit for where the photo was from. This gets four bonus points for not infringing on a copyright (tip #5). The red font stood out to me from the beginning. Everything else was black but the quote from the article was red; the color of pain and agony. Using a quote in the post nets three points (tip #4). The post was short and to the point. Two points are awarded for quickly relaying information (tip #8).


It was a close battle and the score came down to a singly point. Both did an excellent subject matter post and should be applauded for their efforts…(short pause for applause break). Now to the scorecards. Alana scored nine points in the battle and had a decent shot of winning. However with ten points which was aided by a credited photo, Alayna wins the battle and gets the crown Top Ah-lain-ah of December!