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Link to the HUMV blog

It is a bittersweet moment when something is finally done. However, I will be continually updating the HUMV blog for many moons. The blog is always evolving and will grow in time just as I do. Click here to go to the HUMV blog. (Notice the guy in the Sarah Palin t-shirt)


Project nearing completion

Here is the slideshare presentation for my project.

Last Project Update

I have reached my goal of 100 hits on the HUMV blog/website and I am aiming for 150 by next week. So far there are six posts. My original goal was ten. I am going to put pictures of the group as one of the tabs and update the the weekly goings on of the group two more times before the project is due. I am still searching for a better free theme right now but at least the one I have is functional. More links will be added to the side that are military related. My main goal for the site was for people of the group to have a place to visit that they could view on their own time which would cause less emails to be sent for the listserv.

Project update at 10:55pm

As of this very moment I have set up the HUMV blog/website. I have written three blog posts and am currently working on a fourth (my goal is at least 10). The site has 60 hits so far and my goal is 100 (I may increase this goal later on). I have links on the side to a discussion center on GoPost and the Facebook group. I just got a better picture for the banner that shows 12 members of the group instead of three. I need to continue to write posts and improve the site with little tweaks here and there. Hope the world enjoys!

Project 2.0

I have decided to go with the making of a website for HUMV. Here are the steps or small goals to my project.

1.) Set up a WordPress account with the name HUMV (I think is still available)

2.) Pick a user-friendly background and theme (should have a calendar that can be clicked on to find out what is going on that day for the group)

3.) Consult with the President of the group while designing and putting up information on the site

4.) Put all the current information on the website

5.) Tell all the people on the mailing list about the new site (this will hopefully cut down on the e-mails for MyUW accounts)

6.) Write at least a weekly blog on Mondays to let people know the weeks schedule

7.) Update the blog/site/information when it becomes available

8.) Sleep and repeat