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Link to the HUMV blog

It is a bittersweet moment when something is finally done. However, I will be continually updating the HUMV blog for many moons. The blog is always evolving and will grow in time just as I do. Click here to go to the HUMV blog. (Notice the guy in the Sarah Palin t-shirt)


Project ideas

I am thinking about doing option A. One idea is to design a site for a student organization I am in called HUMV. It is an organization for veterans at UW. The only thing we have now is a giant mailing list. It clutters up the UW email with numerous messages. Having a site would make communicating easier and hopefully more efficient. I would like to make a calendar for upcoming events and have regular weekly posts reminding people what is going on.

Another version of option A is making a personal portfolio site. I haven’t  sent out a resume since 2000 so this would be a way to get that process going. It would be a creative way to highlight my life experiences. I have never heard of a personal portfolio site until this class so it would be a good challenge for me. It would also be nice to play around with backgrounds and layouts if I was able to do either the site for HUMV or a personal portfolio.