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TBTL: the best thing on earth

As I said earlier this week in my podcasting lecture, TBTL is my favorite podcast. TBTL stands for Too Beautiful To Live. It used to be on radio from 7-10pm on 97.3. It got kicked off the air for low ratings. Now it can be heard Monday through Friday and high noon. It is supposed to be an hour-long podcast but most of them are longer than that. If you like people talking about their everyday lives and have a sense of humor, you will like this podcast. They are on iTunes under TBTL and they also have a website/blog that is still affiliated with KIRO. I was even mentioned on the Veteran’s Day podcast (11/11 easy to remember). So hopefully I have convinced you to listen to at least one episode. Click here to go to the TBTL blog.


Anybody want to know what the apocalypse looks like

Many have heard of the thunderdome. Not all are ready for it. Here are some helpful hints from a MMA fighter. This is before the zombie takeover so pay attention. Writers Note: Walmart is all sold out of giant pencils.

How do we know who is who online?

I was listening to my favorite podcast on Wednesday called “TBTL” which stands for Too Beautiful To Live. They used to be on KIRO 97.3 until they got canned last month. They were discussing the campaign from the celeb stalking site to get Tracy Morgan on Twitter. The site launched a spinoff call Somehow, magically, Tracy shows up on Twitter the next day. I am not quick to believe that this is, as his name suggests, the real Tracy Morgan. Why do we even care that he is tired from working on the show 30 Rock and is going to sleep? If you want to look at his tweets, you can find him on Twitter as RealTracyMorgan. Caution to readers that there is some crude language.