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Reflection of sorts

Nothing like a five-mile run to clear your head in the pouring down rain at 6:30 in the morning.

Anyways, this blog post is a reflection on my awesome but also flawed presentation. It took me about three whole seconds to decide on the premise for the discussion but about 3 million seconds trying to get the powerpoint and the audio to match up. This is not good for a presentation on podcasting.

Slideshare has a neat tool that makes it so you can sync a slideshow/presentation/powerpoint to audio. After fiddling with it for 4 hours I decided that it would be better to leave that to the experts. I also wished that Zamzar was a little quicker in sending files that need to be converted. It took five hours to get an email back but it was free so I’m not complaining too much. My presentation works perfect on my computer but when transferring it to Slideshare the audio drops I put in were lost. Slideshare also only accepts mp3’s for their slidecast feature just as a heads up for anyone looking to do an audio presentation.

I thought besides all the screwups (mainly that girl saying AVS media) the presentation went pretty well. About half of the class knew a little about podcasting before and afterwords the other half had a little overview on what it can do for them. The discussion part didn’t go how I planned it because I was looking at advertising on podcasts as annoying. It seems to be catching hold and is a way for both parties to win. The grammar girl ad was boring but if only lasts a few seconds, I can live with that. I’m just partial to the casual non-scripted mentions of a product like when Levis is mentioned in an email that is read.

I am not the best public speaker but I didn’t mind standing up in front of a lot of people this time. I actually enjoyed talking about podcasting so I think its different than if I were talking about Twitter lists (something I know nothing about and would rather hear about it from someone else). Maybe I can use this tactic in different speeches.

I dont know what the best way to embed the presentation but here is the link to where it lives on Slideshare. I used the embed code for WordPress but it might be weird because it has audio enabled on it. Sorry for the confusion.

As a side not I got an iPod touch as an early Christmas gift and it may be the best thing that has happened to me since I got a flat-screen TV on black friday last year.


Podcast presentation

Here is my wonderful presentation on podcasts and advertising relating to them. I put the audio on the presentation but it didn’t transfer over. Hopefully I can fix that before class. Anyways here it is…. Tada